Sunday, December 28, 2008

They Don't Care!!

While Arabs and Muslims around the globe are enjoying their days and nights in their safe homes,
Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were bombarded and slaughtered in their homes today!!!
Gaza is bleeding, but no one can help!!
It’s simply because our lives are not worth concern!! Martyrs are falling in dozens!! But Muslims don't care!!

Last night, I was surfing the net digging for news about the Israeli terrorist air strike on Gaza,
While doing so, I was also chatting in the Vypress social chatting room which connects the residents of my hostel at the International Islamic University Malaysia..
I was chatting with a Muslim brother; he introduced himself with a weird nick name that I can't even pronounce!
Anyway, we were talking about so many things when I told him that more than 150 - now exceeded 200- innocents were killed in an Israeli raid on Gaza. I told him this, guess what his response was??!!
He said: "I don't care!”. As simple as that he replied. The chat lasted longer when I tried 2 persuade him that he should -at least- care, because it’s human life involved!!

His reply was clear! It defined the feelings of so many Muslims nowadays! They don't care!!
I asked myself after that sad chat, will Muslims ever revive their glory again??!!
I heard a weak sound coming from my heart saying: YES they will!!
While I was enjoying the sweetness of that reply, my mind started questioning my heart. My heart explained: "When we start to care, we will revive our glory!” Inshallah!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bloggers Buff 2008


Months ago, I happened to have my internship somewhere in KL, nearby KLCC. This opportunity not only helped me learn more about my field of study, Communications Engineering, but also pushed me to become a very loyal fan to the Sun newspaper, a brief Malaysian daily paper that tackles Malaysian politics neutrally. The Sun was available in the building I worked at.

Anyway, developing a new habit of reading the Sun almost everyday, even though it’s not easy to find it in my campus, rewarded me the chance to read about Bloggers Buff 2008 – I’m good at reading small-size ads!- The program won my attention and I further checked it's ads online. After viewing the ad on the net I emailed the organizers and I'm going to join it insha'allah.

Bloggers Buff 2008 is going to be held in Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) next SATURDAY 22nd November 2008… It’s going to be my first experience to meet people as a blogger, the idea sounds interesting.. the program tentative seems interesting as well… It’s good enough to know that Tun Mahathir himself is officiating the program :-P

What makes this program very appealing to me is that Bloggers Buff 2008 is open for experienced as well as new bloggers. the ad said malaysian bloggers –only-, this is what I thought at first. But, after contacting the organizers I was informed that foreigners can join too, at least me, hehe..

the program tentative is shown below...

Thank You “the Sun”!

Muslim4islam: If you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for anything… MalcomX.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Save Palestinian Women!


Woman rights have been jeopardized in the past. A sad, but real, example is the debate that has taken place in middle-ages Europe, a debate in which women were not seen by many western philosophers, then, as humans!

As time passes on, women still suffer some massive discrimination! Almost everywhere in the world! BUT, NOT in Israel!! Because, for an Israeli soldier, a Palestinian woman is equally targeted as Palestinian men. They both should be murdered – some Zionist Rabbis believe- no discrimination exists!

Tracing the modern history of occupied Palestine, one can clearly see that the Palestinian woman not only has been a mother or a wife of a martyr or an internee, but also a martyr or an internee herself.

Probably, the first thing that comes to our minds when talking about the agony of Palestinian women are the dozens of martyrs and injured innocents. For instance, hundreds of innocent women were murdered by the Zionist war machine in the late years of the Palestinian uprising (Intifada). Thousands of them were wounded in the same period.

Although our women have been suffering, their struggle can never reach an end soon! this is true because, International Woman Rights Movements throughout the world do not seem to play their role in this struggle.

In fact, it's as simple as this; in order for this struggle to stay alive, substantial International and Islamic Support should see light and reach Palestinian women!

Hopefully one day soon, Western Human and Women Rights Organizations will walk their talk!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

August Message

First of all, I apologize for not posting regularly in this blog lately. We are back to school and assignments never seem to finish. Anyway, I hope this short message will mean something to the respected visitors of this blog.

Our Ummah needs to unite, we all agree on this. So, let’s ask ourselves; how can we contribute to unity of our Muslim Ummah?

Basically, fulfilling this mission starts by uniting Muslims in our surrounding environment. This can be done if we achieve three important elements.

First of all, we should have the fundamental Islamic attributes required to uphold our integrity as Muslims.

Secondly, we must have the courage and motivation to work with others for the goodness of the Ummah.

Thirdly, we should feel the sufferings of our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. It’s only when we feel their sufferings that we can help.

Last but not least, we must remember that Allah will not change a person until he changes himself. Therefore, let’s start working for unity within our very close surrounding environments.

May Allah shower all of you with His Mercy, wassalam.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Time To Change



we all agree that we belong to a great Ummah that has a glorious heritage and civilization. Let’s ask ourselves asimple questions then. What is the state of our Ummah today? Do we, Muslims, have any value in any international organization? Can Muslims, today, stand for their rights? Can Muslims, today, protect their lands and dignity? What is happening in Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya and other Muslim Lands? Why is all that happening?

These are just a few questions of the many questions we need to ask ourselves in order to picture the current state of our Ummah. A dark sad picture is what we will see. Change is needed, and we are the ones who should play the main role in the process of change.

It is the time when we, Muslims, should be the leaders of change, because the power of change lies in each single one of us. And in order to change, we have to know the roots of the problem, or you can say the problems, we face today.

In fact, the main factors behind our weakness and dependency today can be summarized in the following:

First of all, Lack of Iman. Muslims today are infected by wahn’. This fatal disease was defined by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. as loving this life and hating the Hereafter! We can easily see this in our daily life. The bonds of Ukhuwah are getting weaker, while, Asabiah and fanaticism are filling our hearts!

The second factor is, certainly, ‘Jahl’ or ignorance, not only ignorance, but complex ignorance. This is where people don’t know and unfortunately, don’t realize that they don’t know! Alas, the Ummah of {Read, in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher}, rarely reads!. This state of ignorance encouraged our enemies to attack us. Shimon Perez, President of the Zionist Entity, said once, “we, Zionists, should never fear Muslims! Because, they simply don’t read, and if they read they don’t understand, and even if they understand, then they don’t act”!
It is so embarrassing to say that his words are, to some extent, very true! It applies to many Muslims nowadays!

Finally, corruption appears to be one of the main causes of our weakness. Corruption at all levels has penetrated almost all aspects of our life. From ethics to politics, everything is affected.

Knowing all this, we should realize how critical our state is, and start thinking how to reform and develop the Ummah. To succeed in our reform, Qur’an and Sunnah should guide all our actions.

We should always bear in mind that we are the leaders of change and we can do a lot for our Ummah. Looking at the bright stars of the past century, we see that Islamic Reformers were able to make a significant difference. Names like Sayyed Qutub, Ahmad Yasin, Al-Maududi, Al-Nadawi, Al-Qaradawi and others, will be recorded on the golden pages of our Ummah’s history. Today, most of these great people are not around, but their heritage will certainly remain to be a guiding beacon for generations to come.

It is time to see new young reformers, who dedicate their whole lives for the sake of Allah and for the Ummah’s best interests.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Motivating counter



Few weeks ago, I had some doubts about the efficiency of having this blog. I told myself, I was just wasting my time writing those articles for myself! I thought only me and my brother were the only visitors. Fortunately, a good idea crossed my mind. I said to myself, why not count the visitors and decide on whether to continue posting new threads or not. Therefore, I added what they call a COUNTER!

In fact, I had to search the web and try learning about some computer stuff, with which I’m not a good friend, in order to add the counter. Alhamdulillah, after some trials I managed to add it!

Apparently, I realized that I’m having visitors. It really motivated me to know that people do visit this blog. Even if that visit was by coincidence!

Hence, from now on, I promise to give some more effort to develop this page as much as possible insha’llah.

Finally, I really appreciate your support and enthusiasm my dear visitors.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What Does The Muslim World Need Most These Days?


Few weeks ago, I posted a poll on the main need of the Muslim world nowadays. The votes I saw were very interesting, yet expected. Most voters acknowledged our need for religious awareness, as could be seen in the attached figure. I myself had another say, I voted for the economic development.

Certainly, I don't underestimate the role of Islamic awareness in reviving this Ummah and supporting the Muslim World. But, don't you all think that when a Muslim man has no bread to eat, nor water to drink, he won't even be alive to worship his God !

Muslims have always been patient. In fact, we teach patience to our children. Arabs have a proverb that says: "Bravery is one hour of patience". However, patience is not the only cure!

When we saw Egyptian soldiers being used by the new Pharaoh to bake bread for the public, while, their Pharaoh is enjoying their welfare in his palace, what would we vote then?! No one will argue the importance of religious awareness. Yet, many would still hesitate to point to the real reason of our backwardness and weakness. It's political tyranny!

Few days back, some Tunisian citizens were shot to death, by their security forces. Why did this happen? It's just because those innocent citizens thought they live in the 21st century! They forgot that their tyrant was allegedly voted 94.94% in last general elections! Those Tunisians were demonstrating for bread and rice, they got fire and bullets instead!

Tyranny is why we will never rise in the meantime! Imam Ibnu Taymeya, may Allah be pleased with him, said:"Allah will grant victory to the just infidel state over the unjust Muslim state".
So this is what we really need, JUSTICE!


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mahathir's Resignation: Peoples' Say!

MuslimUsually, a blogger writes then visitors comment. This time, we'll changes positions. People write and I will comment later Insha'allah.

How Do You See Mahathir's Decision To Quit UMNO?

all are welcome to contribute.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Israel 'committing memorycide'

By: Aljazeera

As part of Al Jazeera's coverage of the anniversary of the creation of Israel and the Palestinian 'Nakba', Israeli historian Ilan Pappe reflects upon the events of 1948 and how they led to 60 years of division between the Israelis and Palestinians.
Between February, 1948 and December,1948 the Israeli army systematically occupied the Palestinian villages and towns, expelled by force the population and in most cases also destroyed the houses, looted their belongings and took over their material and cultural possessions. This was the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.
During the ethnic cleansing, wherever there was resistance by the population the result was a massacre. We have more than 30 cases of such massacres where a few thousand Palestinians were massacred by the Israeli forces throughout the operation of the ethnic cleansing.
Pappe says the Israeli army systematicallyforced Palestinians from their homesThe Israeli army became a bit tired toward the end of the operation and the Palestinian villages became more aware of what was awaiting them and therefore in the Upper Galilee the Israeli army did not succeed in expelling all of the villages. This is why today we have what we call the Arab-Israelis or Israeli-Arabs.
This is a group of 50 to 60 villages that remained within the state of Israel and its population was steadfast and was not expelled over to the other side of the border - to Lebanon or Syria.
The international community was aware of the ethnic cleansing but the international community, especially in the West, decided not to confront head on the Jewish community in Palestine after the Holocaust.
And, therefore, there was a kind of conspiracy of silence and again the international community did not react and was complacent and this was very important for the Israelis because it showed them that they can adopt as a state ideology ethnic cleansing and ethnic purity.
Erasing history
Part of any ethnic cleansing operation is not just wiping out the population and expelling it from the earth. A very typical part of ethnic cleansing is wiping people out of history.
For ethnic cleansing to be an effective and successful operation you also have to wipe people out of memory and the Israelis are very good at it. They did it in two ways.
They built Jewish settlements over the Palestinian villages they expelled and quite often gave them names that reflected the Palestinian name as a kind of testimony to the Palestinians that this is totally now in the hands of Israel and there is no chance in the world of bringing the clock backwards.
Pappe says many former Palestinian villageswere turned into recreational spacesThe other way they did it is planting trees - usually European pine trees - over the ruins of the village and turning the village into recreational spaces where you do exactly the opposite of commemoration - you live the day, you enjoy life, it is all about leisure and pleasure.
That is a very powerful tool for 'memorycide'. In fact, much of the Palestinian effort should have been but was never unfortunately - or only recently began - was to fight against that 'memorycide' by at least bringing back the memory of what happened.
I think that there should be no reason in the world that two people - the Palestinians and the Jews - despite everything that happened in the past should not be able live together effective and in one state.
You need three things for that to happen. You need closure for the 1948 story - namely you need an Israeli acknowledgment of the crime it committed against the Palestinian people.
The second thing that you need is you need to make Israel accountable for this and the only way of making Israel accountable is by, at least in principle, accepting the Palestinian refugees right of return.
And thirdly you need a change in the Palestinian and Arab position towards the idea of a Jewish presence in Palestine as something legitimate and natural and not as an alien colonialist force.
I think these principles have to emerge and so far the political elites on both sides are unwilling to accept them.

The views expressed by the author are not necessarily those of Al Jazeera nor muslim4islam.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Will Obama Make It To The White House?

It seems people just like this man. Non-Americans of course.
With few more weeks left for the Democratic Party final decision on who to nominate, Americans seem to be confused on whom to choose. Hillary, the lady who, most probably, will carry on with her husbands' policies. Or, Obama, the man with the new strategies and foreign policies.

Well, to us, non-Americans both sides are not so different. I might be a bit optimistic and say Obama is different. I believe this man has something to say regarding America's crimes worldwide. Since the first day he came into politics, he has been talking about a new America. A superpower that does not suck the third world oil like what is happening now. He has been talking about a superpower that does not hate the world! a superpower that will negotiate with others, not attack their lands!

Well, whether I agree with him that U.S. must be a superpower or not, I think he is offering something different.

In fact, if the U.S. treats other nations with respect, no one on earth will think about attacking the U.S. But, so far, Bush and the past American leaders have not given others a chance to think.
America has always been committing crimes. Not only in Iraq and Afghanistan which they still occupy. But also in Vietnam, Hiroshima & Nagasaki and many other parts of the world.
In fact, Guantanamo Evil Prison is a clear evidence that the U.S. still continues to commit international crimes, crimes of a very high scale!

I believe, time has come for all Americans to think wisely before choosing their president. The world is sick of America's arrogance. So, please my dear American brothers and sisters, choose the right one. Choose a leader who will respect others. Who will treat other nations with diplomacy, not weapons of mass destruction!

With respect to this topic, the blog administration has conducted a one week poll that explored the views of the blog's visitors, whom are mostly non-Americans. The results are shown above.
Finally, we ask the same question again. Will Obama make it to the White House?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Palestinian NAKBAH: 60 Years of Agony!


Today, Palestinians remember their grief over the loss of Palestine. On this day, sixty years ago, the satanic state of Israel was declared. a million Palestinian were expelled out of their homeland to become refugees.
It should be known that the establishment of Israel could never happen without the murder of thousands of Palestinian innocents.
Today, the number of Palestinian refugees accounts up to 7 millions, or more.
When will the day come for theses million to go back home?!

This thread is open for your contribution in remembrance of our stolen dream, our homeland, Palestine.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Rats are treated with more humanity!


“Rats are treated with more humanity!” These were the words of Sami al-hajj, aljazeera cameraman, moments after being freed from the American-made hell in Guantanamo Bay!
The man, who spent more than 6 years in that evil prison, did not hesitate to speak up for his fellow friends in that prison. He could just celebrate his freedom with family and friends, and continue his life peacefully!
Sami spoke up! With the dignity of an Arab, he couldn’t forget those years of insult!
Was it because he is a Muslim, he had to face years of humiliation. Or it could be because he is an Arab? Or maybe because he is an African! All reasons show America’s real face! A regime filled with racism and arrogance, that’s the real face of Bush’s administration.
Sami was finally released. But, about 275 of his mates are still behind the bars! Sami had people to back his freedom. But, many others don’t have!

When the freedom of one man is very difficult to achieve, this means something is wrong! Unfortunately, many things are wrong these days!

America, world’s number one democracy is demonstrating the true face of its democracy! Just like Aristotle’s democracy; value the voice of your people only. Never others!

I ask myself now, is the west falling in the same mistake again? Thinking they are worth respect while others are not! When Plato spoke on his Ideal Republic, he spoke as if Greeks were the only living humans on earth! And now, when Americans practice democracy, the practice it on their people only!

I don’t hate the West. And I’m not into such sick ideas like the Conflict of Civilizations or the Conspiracy Theory. I’m just reading their history. And every time I try to see the good face of the Western Civilization. I see an unjust and racist one!

For God’s sake, why?!

Habib: Muslim Brotherhood Stance on May 4 Strike Has no Relation to Military Verdicts

IkhwanWeb - Cairo, Egypt

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Mohamed Habib (first deputy-chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood) denied any relation between the harsh military tribunal verdicts against MB leaderships and the movement’s decision to join the call for May 4 strike.
He stated that the decision is based on careful examination of the situation on the ground, which necessitates training people on peaceful protests in an organized way, and enhancing the culture of protest among them which is no longer a taboo.
The MB endorsed May 4 strike because of the deepening economic and political crises in Egypt and because the regime turns a blind eye to all reform calls, Habib said.
“We reacted positively to this call in an attempt to exert pressure on the government to address people’s demands concerning low incomes, bread crises, and price hikes,” he added.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

CNN: Cheating News Narration


One would be surprised to see or hear devils talk. Many don’t even believe devils exist. Today, one devil spoke. Certainly, many watched that devil justifying other devils' crimes!

When media speaks on behalf of the devil, CNN takes the lead. This morning, while I was surfing the internet, reading about the innocent Palestinian family that was murdered yesterday in a satanic Israeli tank attack, I stopped by the CNN website.

CNN, the same TV channel that made history and broke all records during the last war on Iraq. They broke records in the number of lies and fabricated stories one media could ever tell!
Today the very same channel, CNN, posted a shy headline about the latest Israeli crime in Gaza. The title was:
Mideast violence kills mother, 4 children.
The violence killed those innocents! Isn’t this a joke?!

Although the headline is so misleading, it feels so neutral when compared to the contents of the article. The article is no more than an official statement released by the Israeli Army. What a silly joke!
Israeli so-called Defense Forces bombarded a small house in a purely housing area in Gaza causing the death of one whole family! The family was murdered while they were having their breakfast.

Honestly, I have never trusted the CNN. Not because it’s an American channel. But, because of the extremely bulk amount of misleading news it broadcasts.

Luckily, we have Aljazeera nowadays. Otherwise, we would be condemning Arabs for their uselessness!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Arabic Language: Kill or Cure?!


Hundreds of years ago, thousands of European and Asian students pilgrimaged Baghdad, Damascus and other Muslim mega cities of the Islamic Golden Era. Basically, they had to learn Arabic language to gain from the main sources of knowledge those days i.e. Arabic Libraries. What brought this fascinating scenery to my mind today was an email I received from the editor of the Arabic version of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Few weeks back, I was practicing my best hobby, surfing pages. I happened to read that the Arabic version of Wikipedia contains about 57,000+ articles only! This was a big shock to me!

The English version celebrated lately, a collection of more than 2,000,000 articles. However, this was not the reason of my shock! What shocked me most was the note that the Hebrew version of contained more than 75,000+ articles. This prompted me to email the Arabic version editors to ask about the issue. Well, to me, it’s an issue. A big one actually!

Another shock came in when I knew that Wikipedia Arabic has more editors than the Hebrew one! Thank God all these shocks haven’t come all at a time! else I won't be typing these words now!

What on earth is wrong with us? What’s wrong with Arabs? We are more than 22 states, with over 300,000,000 in population, and yet, we can’t beat others even in this one! Writing articles!

I happened to hear once that the amount of annual book publication in the Arab World is about the same amount of publications in Spain alone!
Honestly, I pray this info is wrong!