Tuesday, April 29, 2008

CNN: Cheating News Narration


One would be surprised to see or hear devils talk. Many don’t even believe devils exist. Today, one devil spoke. Certainly, many watched that devil justifying other devils' crimes!

When media speaks on behalf of the devil, CNN takes the lead. This morning, while I was surfing the internet, reading about the innocent Palestinian family that was murdered yesterday in a satanic Israeli tank attack, I stopped by the CNN website.

CNN, the same TV channel that made history and broke all records during the last war on Iraq. They broke records in the number of lies and fabricated stories one media could ever tell!
Today the very same channel, CNN, posted a shy headline about the latest Israeli crime in Gaza. The title was:
Mideast violence kills mother, 4 children.
The violence killed those innocents! Isn’t this a joke?!

Although the headline is so misleading, it feels so neutral when compared to the contents of the article. The article is no more than an official statement released by the Israeli Army. What a silly joke!
Israeli so-called Defense Forces bombarded a small house in a purely housing area in Gaza causing the death of one whole family! The family was murdered while they were having their breakfast.

Honestly, I have never trusted the CNN. Not because it’s an American channel. But, because of the extremely bulk amount of misleading news it broadcasts.

Luckily, we have Aljazeera nowadays. Otherwise, we would be condemning Arabs for their uselessness!

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  1. it is a very strange days...
    when one of the largest sources of news defend on the guilty ..
    when you can't distinguish the the right news from the wrong..

    it is really a big problem, so we must find solutions.. we must encourage the good sources such as Aljazeera