Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Will Obama Make It To The White House?

It seems people just like this man. Non-Americans of course.
With few more weeks left for the Democratic Party final decision on who to nominate, Americans seem to be confused on whom to choose. Hillary, the lady who, most probably, will carry on with her husbands' policies. Or, Obama, the man with the new strategies and foreign policies.

Well, to us, non-Americans both sides are not so different. I might be a bit optimistic and say Obama is different. I believe this man has something to say regarding America's crimes worldwide. Since the first day he came into politics, he has been talking about a new America. A superpower that does not suck the third world oil like what is happening now. He has been talking about a superpower that does not hate the world! a superpower that will negotiate with others, not attack their lands!

Well, whether I agree with him that U.S. must be a superpower or not, I think he is offering something different.

In fact, if the U.S. treats other nations with respect, no one on earth will think about attacking the U.S. But, so far, Bush and the past American leaders have not given others a chance to think.
America has always been committing crimes. Not only in Iraq and Afghanistan which they still occupy. But also in Vietnam, Hiroshima & Nagasaki and many other parts of the world.
In fact, Guantanamo Evil Prison is a clear evidence that the U.S. still continues to commit international crimes, crimes of a very high scale!

I believe, time has come for all Americans to think wisely before choosing their president. The world is sick of America's arrogance. So, please my dear American brothers and sisters, choose the right one. Choose a leader who will respect others. Who will treat other nations with diplomacy, not weapons of mass destruction!

With respect to this topic, the blog administration has conducted a one week poll that explored the views of the blog's visitors, whom are mostly non-Americans. The results are shown above.
Finally, we ask the same question again. Will Obama make it to the White House?


  1. I personally say that Obama should be the president because he is black (somehow), and the white house is white (somehow), so they could , together, make such a good mix of colours that could fasinate the whole world population..

  2. I totally disagree with the guy commented earlier. it is never about colours, it is about gender. the white house (is a male), and Obama is also (a male), so i think a female president should take that position, to satisfy that mothernature thing..

  3. i am sorry about the 2 previous comments,
    it seems that they are not anxious about this issue...
    because if a good president won, most of middle east problems will be solved>>

    I hope that, Obama will win .. coz he is the best among these candidates, at least for his attitude toward Iraq & Afghanistan wars....

    & best wishes to u ,Muslim, for these topics .. good luck

  4. if i were to be an american, i would defntly go for obama. its not about the colour, or the gender, its about what he's capable of doing..and giving.

    "it was a creed written into the founding documents that declared the destiny of a nation. yes we can..
    it was the call of workers who organized; women who reached for the ballots; a President who chose the moon as our new frontier; and a King who took us to the mountain-top and pointed the way to the Promised Land. Yes we can to justice and equality.
    yes we can! yes we can!
    Yes we can to opportunity & prosperity, Yes we can heal this nation, Yes we can repair this world.
    YES WE CAN...YES WE CAN!!!!" - Barack Obama

    ur blog bro Muslim, is like an elixer for me..for me to believe in peace

  5. I'm glad to see these interesting views. I hope this blog will open the way for future efforts to spread justice around the globe.

  6. Obama gives his full support to Israel and declares Jerusalem to be Israe's capital !!!

    Oh my God, you guys wanted this guy to become the president. he hasn't got it yet and he is saying so!! it seems he needed israel's support at this stage.. I think it is better to have a white president, at least we can see him/her when watching TV midnight!!!

    No 4 Obama

  7. I feel sorry that my opinion was misunderstood here. I do believe that the difference between both candidates is very minor when it comes to Muslim world issues. But well, it's about choosing the least harmful (aqallu addararain, as in usul-al-fiqh).
    At least Obama will pull his troops from Iraq, which I can never believe will serve Israel's interests.

    In short, it's about which devil is less evil!!

  8. I was thinking:

    If Obama would be the president, how would the relationships between the white and the colored be in the US? Would be there riots? Would we see the rise of Ku Klux Klan?