Monday, January 26, 2009

Save Gaza Demo - Episode 3

Many people were surprised when the so-called Palestinian ambassador misbehaved on that day, they never expected anyone to ask for pictures of resistance leaders and martyrs be put down! However, I was not surprised at all! What do you expect from someone who believes freedom can be achieved through humiliating peace talks and silly negotiations! It's the Oslo way of thinking that pushed him to do what he did!
I like the way how one of my friends explained what happened. He said, "some people are very sensitive to pictures of Leaders of Dignity and models of Glory, they get frustrated to see the face of heroes like sheikh Yassin and Dr. Rantisi, this is simply because these sensetive people have forgotton the meaning of dignity and lost the sense of honor!".
Whether what he said makes sense or not, it is very unacceptable for some one with dignity to disrespect his national heros! at the end both Hamas and Fatah believe sheikh Yassin and Dr. Rantisi are national heros!

for now, lets just watch these two clips and try to find a reason for us to pardon "his excellency"!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Save Gaza Demo - Episode 2

A comment I wrote on YB Khairy Jamaluddin's blog and I'd like to share with you all:

First of all, I would like to tank you YB Khairy Jamaluddin for your support and sympathy with Palestine, and Palestinians particularly Gaza.. I also would like to agree with what you said about the disunity of our Islamic Ummah, allow me to quote your words;
"Even the Palestinian political leadership show little semblance of unity to fight the common enemy. This is truly the greatest tragedy of our time."

Actually, this is very true, It applies to the -illegitimate- government in Ramallah!
While Gaza is being attacked nowadays, President Abbas is blaming Hamas for the tragedy! his stance was very disappointing!

For your information, there are more than 600 Palestinian political prisoners in West Bank prisons! Just because Abbas doesn't like Hamas and anyone sharing its ideology he strikes them so badly in the West Bank!

My father has been jailed for about 70 days in isolation in a "Palestinian" prison! my father is a 50 years old school teacher who happened to be a religious man! No political inclination, but for Abbas government anyone who is religious is Hamas!! what a philosophy!!

Anyway, the Palestinian High Court ruled that my dad should be released as he didn't commit any crime, felony or mistake!! yet my dad is still in prison!

To cut it short, as a Palestinian abroad, I stress that there is no sole and legitimate Palestinian representative in the world but the Palestinian Legislative Council PLC that was elected in 2006! Hamas won a sweeping victory then! The U.S. couldn't respect democracy, as was expected, but Muslims should be cleverer than that!

Anyway, my Malaysian brothers from Pemuda UMNO happened to see the discrimination and irresponsibility of the "Palestinian ambassador" last Friday when he ordered all pictures of Hamas leaders and martyrs (all of whom were Gaza leaders) be put down! His orders were respected of course, but his discrimination was very clear! Pictures of Fatah leaders were everywhere there!!

Finally, I thank you again and pray to Allah that Malaysia prospers and enjoys a great future, insyallah..

n by the way, GoodLuck in upcoming elections for Youth leader :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Save Gaza Demo - Episode 1

A pro-Palestine solidarity demo at the Palestinian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur became unpleasant as the Ambassador objected to the placards carrying pictures of Hamas leaders.
This is the comment chose to post on its video report of what i would rather call "A shameful attitude by the ambassador of the Palestinian Liberation Organization in Malaysia!"..
When the Malaysian brothers from UMNO Youth and the Malaysian Youth Conference entered the grounds of the embassy, they were expecting a warm welcome from the "Palestinian Ambassador", yet he welcomed them with a loud tone calling them to put down the pictures of some national Palestinian leaders and martyrs like Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, Dr. Abdel Aziz Rantisi and Acting Prime Minister Ismael Hanneyah ...
More and more cries and shouts from the Diplomat ignited a war of words between him and some protesters! The demo that was supposed to show Palestinian unity showed instead, the extent to which some Palestinian diplomats dislike the elected Hamas government which is now under siege in Gaza!
For God's Sake, how could anyone claim he supports Gaza and its people when, in the same time, he disrespects their national figures!
I remember also, that while this mess was happening, an ignorant "Palestinian" brother started putting down the picture of sheikh Ismael Hanneyah, our elected PM. I told him then, why would you bring down the placard of PM Hanneyah while the banners of Mahmud Abbas pictures were everywhere?! His answer was simple, yet showed a very disgusting way of thinking! He said; Abbas is an elected President, while Hanneyah is the sacked PM!
well, let's ask this brother few questions;



If he just had a rational mind to think of the answers!
many more stories to tell... For now, let's pray that Allah save Gaza from its enemies!