Sunday, December 28, 2008

They Don't Care!!

While Arabs and Muslims around the globe are enjoying their days and nights in their safe homes,
Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were bombarded and slaughtered in their homes today!!!
Gaza is bleeding, but no one can help!!
It’s simply because our lives are not worth concern!! Martyrs are falling in dozens!! But Muslims don't care!!

Last night, I was surfing the net digging for news about the Israeli terrorist air strike on Gaza,
While doing so, I was also chatting in the Vypress social chatting room which connects the residents of my hostel at the International Islamic University Malaysia..
I was chatting with a Muslim brother; he introduced himself with a weird nick name that I can't even pronounce!
Anyway, we were talking about so many things when I told him that more than 150 - now exceeded 200- innocents were killed in an Israeli raid on Gaza. I told him this, guess what his response was??!!
He said: "I don't care!”. As simple as that he replied. The chat lasted longer when I tried 2 persuade him that he should -at least- care, because it’s human life involved!!

His reply was clear! It defined the feelings of so many Muslims nowadays! They don't care!!
I asked myself after that sad chat, will Muslims ever revive their glory again??!!
I heard a weak sound coming from my heart saying: YES they will!!
While I was enjoying the sweetness of that reply, my mind started questioning my heart. My heart explained: "When we start to care, we will revive our glory!” Inshallah!


  1. The truth is Allah always cares about them.

  2. Welcome to the IIUM my friend
    Did you try talking to him about his ex girl fiend and why he broke up?
    did you try talking about the ingredients of Nasi Lemak?
    did you try to discuss the great issue of the English league and Rooney?
    next time u will have a very interesting and exciting conversation if u try so ,, i promise =)

  3. Amier (a fren, a man, a writer, a blogger and a pacifist)January 3, 2009 at 3:53 PM

    The recent bombardment of Gaza by the Israelies was justified by Ms Tzipi Livni as a retaliation to the alleged 'daily battering' of the state near border settlements (the word neighborhood or home is too sacred for the relocated tribes possessing others' land by force) by the Hamas aimless rockets. This argument was obviously aimed at managing its fast draining moral supports from the international community. The fledgling minister is frantic at pulling out all the populist efforts at her arsenal for the sake of her Kadima party (especially when Likud's Netanyahu is breathing down her neck for the next yr election---Olmert party has to look hawkish somehow-hence bombardment (among other reasons)).
    Im intrigued (and shocked) by your recent encounter with what seems like a deliberate attempts to simply write-off the magnitude of the atrocity. My heart goes out to the victims (on ALL fronts) -- an indifferent take for a simple plight of humanity is atrocious in its own form, I think! Simply an unthinking manner or a purely calculated act - antics of a contrarian, ironically with a flailing aim in this case! What is also interesting; the comments that you draw for this particular column, randomly suggesting the scaly-wad you chatted with was somehow a Malaysian with much stereotyped limited interests in food and nothing else but football...Kudos to you for not naming the nameless and ascribing the tribe-less... however, the fact that this blog is easily accessible by Malaysians (like me) and non-Malaysians alike, I found the particular suggestive feedback rather random and uncalled- for—almost antithetical to the preached humanity spirit—in itself a seed of seditious call that breeds all sorts of prejudice . Not one in a tit-for-tat mood, i can safely assumed the assumptions speaks for itself – a resounding trump of nothingness. With the world teetering on every aspects –economy , humanity and values, if I were to have the wildest presumptions(how'd I wish for such a liberty) it has got to be that its pretty easy to lose the grab of things even for the best of us(not an excuse to be strangely indifferent and proudly ignorant though!) , I‘d safely vouchsafed some close call to name names and ascribe undesirably as pointless--a call to stellar values will survive even the time and will find what’s worth of its recipients—a contrarian and an ignorant comes in many forms and hails from every corners.

  4. gazzah!muslim how about ur dad??save palestine!!

  5. Please allow me to disagree with some of you guys. We cannot generalize and say Malaysians do not care simply because a single guy said so. I would say that people of Malaysia care about the issue of Palestine and issues of the Muslim world. I would say that the problems with the Malaysians is that they DONT know about what is happening.

    I have been following up with the national TVs and newspapers and nothing was mentioned but few lines that tell nothing about the actual situation in Gaza.

    I was telling a colleague of mine that Turkey has canceled the new years celebration because of what is happening in GAZA. My malay friend said: what is happening in GAZA? I briefed him about the whole situation and the guy literally "CRIED" and said: I am sorry, I swear to God I didn't know.

    I have talked to other colleagues after that and I realized that no one knows anything about what is happening back in GAZA.

    I would say that people of Malaysia will always support Palestine just like they have always been doing. The issue is just that "they DONT know". It is our duty to make sure they DO..

  6. It seems this post is drawing lots of attention. I never thought anyone would take my words personally! I was very shocked to see some of the comments that stereotyped my Malaysian brothers!. Just to clarify here, the guy I chatted with was not a Malay! Two days after posting this article he messaged me apologizing for his carelessness! well, the post here didn't aim at dragging any attention to my chats!
    All I wanted was that people should start to care and act in support of the innocents being slaughtered in Gaza!
    Alhamdulillah, Muslims are still alive and the public reactions were awesome! I never expected people to march in the streets of Arabia, Europe and Asia for Gaza!
    Fortunately, Muslims reacted, Free people spoke up as well!

    Now, It's TIME for our OFFICIALS to ACT.. time for their Royal Highness and Excellency to act!!

    howz ur dad??

  8. dad is still in prison.. 70 days in isolation! all because mahmud abbas government respects no value and has no morals!