Sunday, December 28, 2008

They Don't Care!!

While Arabs and Muslims around the globe are enjoying their days and nights in their safe homes,
Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were bombarded and slaughtered in their homes today!!!
Gaza is bleeding, but no one can help!!
It’s simply because our lives are not worth concern!! Martyrs are falling in dozens!! But Muslims don't care!!

Last night, I was surfing the net digging for news about the Israeli terrorist air strike on Gaza,
While doing so, I was also chatting in the Vypress social chatting room which connects the residents of my hostel at the International Islamic University Malaysia..
I was chatting with a Muslim brother; he introduced himself with a weird nick name that I can't even pronounce!
Anyway, we were talking about so many things when I told him that more than 150 - now exceeded 200- innocents were killed in an Israeli raid on Gaza. I told him this, guess what his response was??!!
He said: "I don't care!”. As simple as that he replied. The chat lasted longer when I tried 2 persuade him that he should -at least- care, because it’s human life involved!!

His reply was clear! It defined the feelings of so many Muslims nowadays! They don't care!!
I asked myself after that sad chat, will Muslims ever revive their glory again??!!
I heard a weak sound coming from my heart saying: YES they will!!
While I was enjoying the sweetness of that reply, my mind started questioning my heart. My heart explained: "When we start to care, we will revive our glory!” Inshallah!