Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Palestinian NAKBAH: 60 Years of Agony!


Today, Palestinians remember their grief over the loss of Palestine. On this day, sixty years ago, the satanic state of Israel was declared. a million Palestinian were expelled out of their homeland to become refugees.
It should be known that the establishment of Israel could never happen without the murder of thousands of Palestinian innocents.
Today, the number of Palestinian refugees accounts up to 7 millions, or more.
When will the day come for theses million to go back home?!

This thread is open for your contribution in remembrance of our stolen dream, our homeland, Palestine.


  1. la hawla wala qowata illa billah ...

    insha'allah this is the last anniversary to NAKBAH..

    every day comes.. israel closes on its end ..
    soon .../.

  2. every day comes.. israel closes on its end ..

    i hope it closes on its end so much very soon insyallah lah =)

  3. May Allah give strength to all Muslims, Insya ALLAH

  4. Allahhu akbar!