Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mahathir's Resignation: Peoples' Say!

MuslimUsually, a blogger writes then visitors comment. This time, we'll changes positions. People write and I will comment later Insha'allah.

How Do You See Mahathir's Decision To Quit UMNO?

all are welcome to contribute.


  1. His resignation was meant to paralyse UMNO.

    In terms of membership, since it hasn't caused much of an exodus. This could be either because
    a) the members are truly holding to the principle that UMNO it still the ultimate agent of retaining the Malay's rights. They knew that if they were to leave the party, it would have the party crumble along with their rights.

    b) they find the party is already insignificant from the day Mahathir condemned the UMNO leaders. Hence, they didn't even bother about writing letters for opting out. Membership nor unmembership would not make any difference

    Historically, having an ex President to die out of UMNO was not something new. In fact all of the ex Premiers perished as a non UMNO member except for Tun Abdul Razak who died during service.

    Politically, we already know that Mahathir's criticisms has become a validation of the Oppositions claims against UMNO. Yes, it has influenced the country's change of political landscape. Wallahu a3lam.

  2. It's true that Mahathir is not the first UMNO leader to leave the party. But, we should not forget that he ruled Malaysia and led UMNO more than his precedents.
    Well, for the issue of the Malay rights, I believe it should be protected. How to protect it, is the question.
    I believe we can get things done in many ways. Certainly, Malay politicians, regardless of their party affiliation, will never compromise their rights.
    It's just that how you play the game!

    I also notice that people tend to avoid this topic. Well, it's time we stand up and express our opinions freely. Otherwise, people like Bush will continue to torture the whole world!

  3. its good and bad at da same time... personally, i dont really care cuz he's been a pain in the neck for malaysian government lately. i adored and admired him for what he was 10 years ago. like i used to admire anwar ibrahim. o well, people change. some for da betterment, some are just...

    i think politicians are no longer fighting for the people nowadays unlike before. they are fighting for sole power for them to manipulate as they see fit. most of them are selfish and ruthless. its the same everywhere.
    Politician = One who shakes your hand before elections and your confidence after.

    article 153 should remain there in the constitution as it is. questioning it would be like questioning your faith towards your country. unfortunately,there are many people out there who are doing so. i guess with all the pressure from those who disagree with this article, it can only be securely protected when (i dont want to use da word 'if') all Malays
    (politicians or not) walk hand in hand together. hopefully, i'll live to see it happen...