Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Motivating counter



Few weeks ago, I had some doubts about the efficiency of having this blog. I told myself, I was just wasting my time writing those articles for myself! I thought only me and my brother were the only visitors. Fortunately, a good idea crossed my mind. I said to myself, why not count the visitors and decide on whether to continue posting new threads or not. Therefore, I added what they call a COUNTER!

In fact, I had to search the web and try learning about some computer stuff, with which I’m not a good friend, in order to add the counter. Alhamdulillah, after some trials I managed to add it!

Apparently, I realized that I’m having visitors. It really motivated me to know that people do visit this blog. Even if that visit was by coincidence!

Hence, from now on, I promise to give some more effort to develop this page as much as possible insha’llah.

Finally, I really appreciate your support and enthusiasm my dear visitors.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What Does The Muslim World Need Most These Days?


Few weeks ago, I posted a poll on the main need of the Muslim world nowadays. The votes I saw were very interesting, yet expected. Most voters acknowledged our need for religious awareness, as could be seen in the attached figure. I myself had another say, I voted for the economic development.

Certainly, I don't underestimate the role of Islamic awareness in reviving this Ummah and supporting the Muslim World. But, don't you all think that when a Muslim man has no bread to eat, nor water to drink, he won't even be alive to worship his God !

Muslims have always been patient. In fact, we teach patience to our children. Arabs have a proverb that says: "Bravery is one hour of patience". However, patience is not the only cure!

When we saw Egyptian soldiers being used by the new Pharaoh to bake bread for the public, while, their Pharaoh is enjoying their welfare in his palace, what would we vote then?! No one will argue the importance of religious awareness. Yet, many would still hesitate to point to the real reason of our backwardness and weakness. It's political tyranny!

Few days back, some Tunisian citizens were shot to death, by their security forces. Why did this happen? It's just because those innocent citizens thought they live in the 21st century! They forgot that their tyrant was allegedly voted 94.94% in last general elections! Those Tunisians were demonstrating for bread and rice, they got fire and bullets instead!

Tyranny is why we will never rise in the meantime! Imam Ibnu Taymeya, may Allah be pleased with him, said:"Allah will grant victory to the just infidel state over the unjust Muslim state".
So this is what we really need, JUSTICE!