Thursday, November 13, 2008

Save Palestinian Women!


Woman rights have been jeopardized in the past. A sad, but real, example is the debate that has taken place in middle-ages Europe, a debate in which women were not seen by many western philosophers, then, as humans!

As time passes on, women still suffer some massive discrimination! Almost everywhere in the world! BUT, NOT in Israel!! Because, for an Israeli soldier, a Palestinian woman is equally targeted as Palestinian men. They both should be murdered – some Zionist Rabbis believe- no discrimination exists!

Tracing the modern history of occupied Palestine, one can clearly see that the Palestinian woman not only has been a mother or a wife of a martyr or an internee, but also a martyr or an internee herself.

Probably, the first thing that comes to our minds when talking about the agony of Palestinian women are the dozens of martyrs and injured innocents. For instance, hundreds of innocent women were murdered by the Zionist war machine in the late years of the Palestinian uprising (Intifada). Thousands of them were wounded in the same period.

Although our women have been suffering, their struggle can never reach an end soon! this is true because, International Woman Rights Movements throughout the world do not seem to play their role in this struggle.

In fact, it's as simple as this; in order for this struggle to stay alive, substantial International and Islamic Support should see light and reach Palestinian women!

Hopefully one day soon, Western Human and Women Rights Organizations will walk their talk!


  1. I met my first Muslim, recently. I was quite impressed. She did not feel suppressed as a women, as she grew up in Jordan, but we are in the U.S. I am sorry that women are suffering in Palestine, perhaps, your own family. Suffering is not easy to watch nor endure. Althouh, it is a part of this life no matter who you are or where you live, everyone is bound to suffer.

    I don't believe that it is in your best interest to target the state of Israel, if you are truly trying to help women. In fact, you are hurting your entire movement when you speak that way. The problem you have in the Middle East is that none of you there can embrace each other as the other is, but insist that your neighbor be as you are. Those are old ways.

    I suggest you spread the message of LOVE and not hate. That will save women and children. I know that is what your religion teaches -so start living it!

    I know the injustice that can be in the Middle East, as I am Armenian. My grandparents were left orphans of the 1915 massacre by Muslims who exterminated the Armenians based on religion. That is NOT what your God teaches according to my Muslim friend. It is time you Muslim's begin living and preaching their own true religion!

  2. i strongly believe that nobody should return hatred with hatred. when people throws rock at you, you throw them flowers. fighting fire with fire just wont work.

    it takes a very long time to change something,especially people; but it will eventually change.. love, determination, understanding, patient, and compassionate are the keys to solve any problems.

    i share your pain , bro Muslim, but we must realize that wishing bad things fr people even to your enemy is not a good thing and it will only make your wound deeper..

  3. Thanks sisters for ur comments... I do agree with u that Islam preaches Love.. IT does preach Justice too.. Just is an attribute of our God, Allah. It's shame, I believe that some people advice those who suffer to give up hope of getting their rights and beg their enemies for whatever they would give! It's true that the Christ, peace be upon him, said what means: if someone slaps you on your right cheek, give him the left one. But this is a mere sarcasm from him, peace be upon him. Historians report that he ordered his his disciples to carry sticks (weapons of their time!) to defend themselves from aggressors (Romans here).
    Islam calls for peace, It also calls for Justice, Just like what prophet Moses taught tribes of Israel : An eye for an eye!.
    So, Love alone will never solve international problems, Although we call for peace, we do want a just peace, that gives owners of the land their homeland back..

    I do believe that we should always refer to history.. We can't just tell palestinians to go for a hopeless peace process if we are sure this process won't give them any of their rights!. Again, as much as Islam is about Love and Peace, it is about Justice and Dignity as well!

    Throwing flowers at enemies will never bring back any right! if Iraqis keep on throwing flowers on American soldiers who target their innocent men and women, Iraq will never ever see freedom again.

    Jesus, peace be upon him, said : Love your enemy! this never means to love them more than ur own self or ur family!

    Finally, I'm not preaching war here, I'm just trying to add the flavor of ration and logic to the emotions-only loaded comments posted above.. Thanks for d comments anyway :)

  4. its true that we cannot always achieve what we want by just giving love and patience. and yes, make no mistake, i do agree with you about justice and dignity.

    the quiestion in hand now is on HOW u deal with the word 'justice' itself. there are sooooo many ways for us to choose in achiving that one goal.. however, most of the choices we make are often leading us towards the opposite direction and not the other way round..

    we gve up too easily...and refuse to learn what is outside the box. when we look at them, we can only see the bad side. we overlooked their good side which act as the key factor in making them what they are now.

    why cant we take that good side and practice it ourselves?? maybe that will help us.. not all bad things come from bad people.

    and i do hope that u realize when i use the word 'we' i'm referring to every muslim, including myself

    however, i'm sory if u feel offended by my so-called emotions-only loaded comment.