Sunday, September 26, 2010

Once again, goodbye Obaidah!

By: Muslim
The dawn of a new year has killed the dark night of a sad year, yes; it’s been a year since September 2009. It has been a year since the coward murder of Obaidah. Time has lapsed without feeling it! One year ago, we promised Obaidah many things; we promised to continue his struggle, we promised to spread awareness of his cause, we promised to tell his story to everyone around us, and we promised many other things. Have we fulfilled our promise? It’s an open question to everyone.

It’s about his cause then, not about his person. Though it is true Obaidah was very dear to many of us, the cause he sacrificed his life for is also dear, it’s dearer than lives and properties; it’s about the Holy Land. Dozens of martyrs followed on his footsteps, they did not hesitate to sacrifice their souls for Palestine and the Aqsa Mosque, and they were brave as usual. Let’s look at ourselves again. How about us? Were we brave enough to sacrifice our time for that holy cause? Were we generous enough to sacrifice our money for it? Or we were just good at talks?

The tears we shed for Obaidah should not dry that easy without proving they were sincere. Our deeds should reflect our sincerity. And although it’s been a year since his martyrdom, a lot still can be done to serve the cause he died for.

Once again, goodbye Obaidah!

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