Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Obaidah in Brief



Obaidah Maher Abdul Mu’ti Alqudsi Dwaik.

He was born in the year 1984, in the occupied city of Hebron, Palestine. Obaidah’s father is a well known ustaz who graduated from Adina University. He is also a successful businessman.

Just like other Palestinian kids, Obaidah witnessed the outbreak of the first Palestinian Intifadah in 1987.

Obaidah started his education as early as 5 years in the kindergarten of the Islamic Youth Society. He later joined the Al-Shar’iyah School of the Islamic Charitable Organization. He completed his school education in 2002 with an excellent score of 84 %.

During his school days, Obaidah joined Al-Firdaus Islamic Nasheed Group where his Nasheed talents were discovered.

He later joined the International Islamic University Malaysia and earned a bachelor degree in Communications and Journalism.

During his presence at the International Islamic University Malaysia, Obaidah was one of the active students in co-curricular activities and was always a forerunner in working for any Ummatic issue.

Obaidah was elected into the main board of Al-Aqsa friends’ Society in 2003 to serve for one year as one of its most active members. Throughout this year, he contributed heavily to make Al-Aqsa a well-known and successful society in the IIUM community.

Eversince he joined Alaqsa, Obaidah demonstrated his talent through Alaqsa Nasheed group and performed on the IIUM stages from the year 2002 till 20008. In the year 2005 he led the Nasheed Group and managed to have successful appearances inside and outside IIUM.

Among the successful performances of Obaidah were the NAsheed performance in Aman Palestin Night 2006, the Palestinian Traditional Wedding Performance 2006, and the production of a new video clip for Meshari’s “Annal ‘Abdul” Nasheed in 2007.

In 2008 Obaidah returned to his hometown in Palestine to live with his family and run his father’s business. He got engaged few months later and arranged for his wedding to be held right after eid alfitri 1430H.

Unfortunately, the criminal Zionist soldiers didn’t let his family celebrate this eid happily with him! But, Alhamdulillah, his parents exhibited a great patience and thanked Allah for the great reward of martyrdom.

Obaidah was planning to come back to IIUM for masters. But, Allah granted him a much better certificate, which is Shahadah fi Sabeel-i-Allah.

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  1. My soul cries to hear your voice oh Obaida!

    May Allah grant you the place in Heaven at the Highest

    May we see the destruction of your Murderers at the Soonest..