Saturday, February 14, 2009

1300 innocents murdered in Gaza and Israelis still care about their image..heh!



While surfing the "Israeli" newspaper Haaretz, I came across this article "Go to Durban II " written by Claude Kandiyoti, who is a Brussels-based entrepreneur and the publisher of Contact J, a monthly of the Belgian Jewish community.

The article reads:

“On January 11, in the very heart of Brussels, the capital of Belgium and of united Europe, some 50,000 people demonstrated "for peace in the Middle East." In actuality, as the flags, posters, speeches and slogans showed, this was a demonstration for Hamas, Hezbollah and even Al-Qaida. At the front marched a bunch of prominent left-wing Belgian politicians, including Isabelle Durant, the president of the Ecolo (green) party; Francoise Dupuis, the Socialist housing minister for the Brussels region; and other luminaries of Belgian and local politics. In the background, a huge poster sporting a Star of David equated with a swastika made a nice accompaniment to the whole procession.

Elio Di Rupo, the president of the Socialist Party, perhaps more politically astute than the others, left the scene after a short stint in the company of Leila Shahid, the Palestinian Authority's representative to the European Union. Nonetheless, in an interview televised nationally, he called on the international community to try the Israeli leadership - including, I suppose, his Socialist International colleagues from Israel's Labor Party - for war crimes.

At the demonstration, I approached Dupuis and asked her whether she was not slightly embarrassed by the prominent display of Hezbollah and Hamas flags. After all, I noted, the European Union has classified both organizations as "terrorist."

"Not at all," she responded. "We are all here to support the resistance against occupation..."

Belgium might be extreme when it comes to the lack of sophistication of its political elite, but the feelings behind this kind of behavior are by no means exceptional in contemporary Europe. Although the daily political discourse across the continent is replete with mentions of how important it is not to "import" the Middle East conflict to European shores, the truth is: The conflict is already here. It rages in Brussels, Paris, London and elsewhere, ignited by brainwashed Muslim youths and encouraged by irresponsible politicians and journalists. Some of these, especially on the extremes of the ideological spectrum, are genuinely anti-Israeli and/or anti-Semitic, while others are guided by petty political calculations. The result is the same. And this is only the beginning.

On the grim journey on which we have embarked, the Geneva World Conference against Racism, known as Durban II (April 20-24), threatens to be a climactic station. Some 100,000 to 200,000 people are expected to convene on the shores of Lake Geneva, officially, in an effort to advance the fight against all forms of racism, xenophobia and related intolerance. However, from all accounts, this gathering will probably turn out to be a renewed attempt to single out Israel as the paragon of evil and to deem it unfit to dwell among the nations. Suffice it to say that the preparatory commission for the conference is chaired by the Libyan representative to the UN, who is aided by, among others, the representatives of Pakistan, Iran and Cuba. The initial draft declaration they submitted to the participants, last October, offered a glimpse at what promises to be an even worse version of Durban I. And in the meantime, the recent events in Gaza only added fuel to the flames.

The good news is that Israel and the Jews are no longer alone in the dock. This time, the assault seems to be directed at the entire West and its values. What is needed is a common front of enlightened nations to respond to this assault. The question is, how to do it.

My suggestion is not to boycott Geneva, at least not initially - for at least three reasons. If Israel and mainstream Jewish organizations refrain from going to Geneva, the only Jews who will be there will be the Netorei Karta, the extremist anti-Zionist Orthodox group that has made common cause with Hamas and Iran. If Israel stays at home and leaves the Jewish organizations to go it alone, they will feel obliged to "represent" it and to defend Israeli policy, which is clearly not their role. And above all, it now looks as though, apart from Israel and Canada, the rest of the world is likely to be there, including the United States. The Europeans will be there, armed with clearly defined "red lines": against singling out a country, against drawing up a hierarchy of victims, and against any attempt to infringe on the basic right to free speech by way of a prohibition of criticizing religion. It is better to be there, to help build the lines of defense. There will always be time to leave, if and when it becomes clear that they have collapsed.

Let us not forget the lofty ideals that motivate genuine guardians and advocates of human rights. We Jews have always been at the forefront of the battle against racism and racial discrimination. If the conference gets hijacked, as it may well be, we can depart with our integrity intact, knowing that we have reaffirmed our own values. If we boycott the conference before it even starts, we cede the debate to the hijackers. In Israel, in each of our countries, and at Durban II, we need to stand our ground.”

After all the innocents they killed they want to wash their hands from our blood and propagate their lies and pretexts again! Let's prevent them from spreading their lies!!

It's the task of our Free brothers and sisters around the world to stand up for truth and address Zionists with their true title "RACIST".


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  2. Thanks anonymous for asking... It's been a busy semester here, my final sem, plz pray for me :)
    As for the two topics;
    How I joined FB; I actually had a trouble registering at FB because they couldnt understand that my name is Muslim.. unfortunately,. I lost all emails that i sent them n received from them... thats y i couldnt write about it...

    Release my Dad; I kept on hoping they will release him, but seems they won't! they are too traitor to do it! The court ruled he must be released 3 months ago.. but the illigitimate west bank government never obeyed the law!!
    I will write this article once I get time inshallah...