Monday, January 5, 2009

Save Gaza Demo - Episode 2

A comment I wrote on YB Khairy Jamaluddin's blog and I'd like to share with you all:

First of all, I would like to tank you YB Khairy Jamaluddin for your support and sympathy with Palestine, and Palestinians particularly Gaza.. I also would like to agree with what you said about the disunity of our Islamic Ummah, allow me to quote your words;
"Even the Palestinian political leadership show little semblance of unity to fight the common enemy. This is truly the greatest tragedy of our time."

Actually, this is very true, It applies to the -illegitimate- government in Ramallah!
While Gaza is being attacked nowadays, President Abbas is blaming Hamas for the tragedy! his stance was very disappointing!

For your information, there are more than 600 Palestinian political prisoners in West Bank prisons! Just because Abbas doesn't like Hamas and anyone sharing its ideology he strikes them so badly in the West Bank!

My father has been jailed for about 70 days in isolation in a "Palestinian" prison! my father is a 50 years old school teacher who happened to be a religious man! No political inclination, but for Abbas government anyone who is religious is Hamas!! what a philosophy!!

Anyway, the Palestinian High Court ruled that my dad should be released as he didn't commit any crime, felony or mistake!! yet my dad is still in prison!

To cut it short, as a Palestinian abroad, I stress that there is no sole and legitimate Palestinian representative in the world but the Palestinian Legislative Council PLC that was elected in 2006! Hamas won a sweeping victory then! The U.S. couldn't respect democracy, as was expected, but Muslims should be cleverer than that!

Anyway, my Malaysian brothers from Pemuda UMNO happened to see the discrimination and irresponsibility of the "Palestinian ambassador" last Friday when he ordered all pictures of Hamas leaders and martyrs (all of whom were Gaza leaders) be put down! His orders were respected of course, but his discrimination was very clear! Pictures of Fatah leaders were everywhere there!!

Finally, I thank you again and pray to Allah that Malaysia prospers and enjoys a great future, insyallah..

n by the way, GoodLuck in upcoming elections for Youth leader :)


  1. Aamin for the victory an peace of Palastin and Malaysia... and fr Bro. K.J!!!!

    i'm sory to hear about your father and the rest of palestinians out there. May Allah have mercy on us and help us to win this unending war btw muslim & non- muslim and also the battle btw us who share the same religion.

  2. i hope ur father will be released InshaAllah..letz we pray 2gether 4 our muslimz in Palestine who r be suffering of da war by Israel..May Allah protect them n all da muslimz in thiz world

  3. salam, bro Muslim. just wondering about ur father. is he out yet??


  5. amin99x...

    i hope your father be released soon, and your country be peace..

    salam from indonesian people.

  6. salam bro Muslim. its been a while since u wrte.

    bdw, i really would like to know your oppinion on obama and what it'll bring to the world, especially on palestine & iraq.

  7. Dear 4u2wonder, aahanim & neilhoja,
    Thanks for your concern about my father. Unfortunately he is still in Mahmud Abbas prison. The Palestinian High Court ruled last month that he must be released immediately as he was not accused of anything real. But what to say, it's the tyranny of Abbas n Fayyad that keeps my father away from his family! Anyway, Allah will not leave him alone ..

    Dear sheikhahrasheedah and others, thanks for ur contribution in this blog.
    Although it's been a whiole since i last wrote, but i promise that I'll keep this blog updated all time inshallah.. I ll add on a new post now ok? :)

    n for my opinion on Obama, please read my old post:

    and I will write more about him and his actions, let's just give him some time. coz Actions speak louder than words..